Well, who Jan really is – music lover, techno and house DJ, producer, live act performer, radio broadcaster and a (former) label owner still dragging around his teenage nickname. In short, if you scratch the surface of electronic music in Croatia, it is very hard not to come across something Jan’s been involved with.

With a frequent festival attendance (Dimensions, The Garden, Electric Elephant, Sonus, Moondance, Slurp!, Stop Making Sense, LED and more), Jan began holding lectures on electronic music history at EMI audio engineering school in Zagreb, collaborated with Red Bull Music Academy Croatia on various occasions and appeared on multiple local music/scene/issues related panels.
He spent most of the year in the studio producing music for a live show which he performed successfully on some very big stages, Sonus and Moondance festivals amongst others.

Currently, he lives a great music experience with ReggisKattie(France) . In May 2018 their debut, the collaborative album “In Plain Sight” got released for PDV Records – a staple of regional alternative music. It is a very jazz-informed deep house record through which they tried to explore the combination of genres they’re influenced by, and put their own spin on it.


Entrance 50 kn, at the door of the club



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