Asked to describe his music to a new listener one might falter. While it‘€™s true that there is a very specific sound at the core of his music, it is the fluid nature of Deetron‘€™s work that defines him as an artist. Yet there is one word that can be used to sum up this dynamic musical mind and the polymorphic sounds that he has mastered – Maverick.

Departing from the accepted course, a free-spirited, non-conformist both musically and in his chosen path within the industry; this distinguishing characteristic is also the life-blood of Deetron‘€™s studio work. His broad musical palette the bedrock from which a myriad of pleasureful sounds have entertained and held firm fans across the globe.

From Bern, Switzerland with a jazz musician father, Deetron first fell in love with hip-hop during the early nineties, and inspired by local hero DMC champ DJ Djaimin and Jeff Mills, deftly mastered the turntables. Fast forward to today, Deetron’s now formidable ‘human sync button’ is mixing on three decks with skills second to none – recreating or remixing tracks on the fly, blurring genre boundaries between house, techno and more, while adding his dancefloor-burning trademark touch as he does so.





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